Warband: God Wars

Time, as well as any other liquid, flows differently within the hellish realm of the Warp. When a wicked sharp axe cleaves the arm from a man, the viscera that flows outward follows the same path it would have, had the bearer of the arm not come to part with it. This is not so … Continue reading Warband: God Wars


Kingdom: The Dark Sun Rises (Lore)

In the darkened depths of the Somberwold where the energies of the Realms of Life and Death weave together beneath the boughs of ancient trees there once lay a kingdom known as Trest. Protected by the impenetrable forest and guided by the good will of the God-King Sigmar, the people of Trest prospered and became … Continue reading Kingdom: The Dark Sun Rises (Lore)

Seer Council of Eos: Ancient Enemies (Part 2)

The forces of Craftworld Eos continue their assault on the Necron tomb at Morgon. Having intervened after the depletion of Imperial defenders the Aeldari warhost were able to strike at the Necron tomb world in its weakened state. Even with the assistance of the warrior phalanxes of the Klaxon dynasty, the Overlord Zaryx was not … Continue reading Seer Council of Eos: Ancient Enemies (Part 2)

Ordo Xenos: Subsector Isca

Conflict rages. The galaxy burns. The Imperium is sliced in twain, bleeding out from itsĀ  very heart. The Ultima Segmentum Inquisitional High Command petitions its equivalent in the neighboring Tempestus Segmentum for reinforcement. High Lord Inquisitor Gyrass Linvala calls upon several of his most trusted Inquisitors to lend assistance to the beleaguered Imperial forces of … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Subsector Isca

Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Conclusion (Lore)

Map Key: Chaos Forces are pinned in yellow Imperial Forces are pinned in white The various Xenos Forces are pinned in green Spilling from their slaughtering grounds in Hab Block Beta, the Bloodbraided warband swarms through the Genatorium and into the Palace Grounds. In the following battle the Bloodbraided and Ul'Karash carve a path through … Continue reading Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Conclusion (Lore)