Hive Fleet Anka: Resurgence (Lore)

+++Sec/[ref.] +++GREETINGS LORD ARKHAN+++ +++Accessing Database...+++ +++The following data file contains reports compiled by Inquisitor Vorstmaan+++ Following the battle for Ichar IV the Hive Fleet designated 'Kraken' was thought to have been defeated but recent reports indicate that, although the majority of it was indeed purged, some remnants still remain in local star systems. A … Continue reading Hive Fleet Anka: Resurgence (Lore)


Hobby: Iron Painter 2017

The Annual Pasadena Warhammer Iron Painter competition kicked off today! So as a special update I'll be posting some pictures from the event as a gateway to my newest foray into the Mortal Realms: Kharadron Overlords! The event is a 12 hour marathon competition to assemble, base and paint a box of troop, a character … Continue reading Hobby: Iron Painter 2017

Ordo Xenos: Retrieval

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00000164-242/MGS4 LOCATION: FORGE WORLD MAGOS IV SUBSECTOR: MAGOS SEGMENTUM: PACIFICUS NEAR TEMPESTUS BORDER +++LEST WE FORGET; INQUISITIONAL AUTHORITY IS ABSOLUTE+++ After several weeks docked at the Space Fortress Song of Veletis Lord Arkhan learns of the increasingly dire situation that has befallen the Imperium of Man. Half of the Imperium lays trapped across … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Retrieval

Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: The Second Defense of Kavir

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00001064-044/MYR LOCATION: IMPERIAL-CONTROLLED DESERT WORLD KAVIR SECTOR: MYNTHOSIAN RIFT SEGMENTUM: TEMPESTUS +++MECHANICUS FORCES DEPLOYED PLANET SIDE, DAWNHAMMER ENGAGED WITH SPACE BORNE THREATS +++ At the edges of Imperial Space Kavir burns. Upon exiting the Mynthosian Rift Dawnhammer is bombarded by distress hails. The Cicatrix Maledictum has disgorged countless warp spawned daemonic abominations on the Imperial planet … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: The Second Defense of Kavir