Ordo Xenos: Vanguard Forces (Lore)

+++INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM: XXXXXXXXXX. DESIGNATED: IMPERATIVE+++ Interrogator Azor, you've been tasked with reconnaissance of the Mynthosian Subsector, to assist in this task you've been given command of Tech Priest Izmirian's Skitarii forces as well as your own personal operatives. For the remainder of our time in sector you've been given autonomy designated Sub-Inquisitor, you will … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Vanguard Forces (Lore)

Frostgrave: The Guild Charter

⊗By order of the Dwarven Freeguild Association and the Council of King Vorstansson this charter gives full legal and expeditionary rights to the newly reformed Runesmiths Guild. The first order of business of the Runesmith's Guild will be to establish Vorban Urgrim as the Guildmaster and designate the noble dwarven city of Highwall as the Guild's place … Continue reading Frostgrave: The Guild Charter