Ordo Xenos: Battle for Mazirin

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00000164-240/ZRW-3 LOCATION:┬áMAZIRIN SUBSECTOR:┬áZENTHAN RIFT WORLDS SEGMENTUM: PACIFICUS +++WHAT FOLLOWS ARE AN ACCOUNT OF THE ENGAGEMENT THAT OCCURRED ON THE AGRIWORLD MAZIRIN+++ Background: Mazirin, a verdant world on the edges of Segmentum Pacificus has long been vital in the supplying of the defenders of the Cadian gate as well as a target … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Battle for Mazirin


Ordo Xenos: Magos IV

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ Inq-Ref 00000164-241/MGS4 LOCATION: FORGE WORLD MAGOS IV SUBSECTOR: MAGOS SEGMENTUM:┬áPACIFICUS +++What follows are an account of the engagement that occurred on Forgeworld Magos IV+++ Background: Adeptus Mechanicus forces based from the Forgeworld Magos IV discover an alien artifact dubbed 'the Magnifax' whilst mining under the surface of the planet. The artifact is … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Magos IV

Ordo Xenos: Lord Inquisitor Arkhan of the Ordo Xenos (Lore)

Inquisition: Lord Inquisitor Arkhan of the Ordo Xenos is a radical-leaning Inquisitor assigned to explore the edges of Imperial space in order to assess the Xenos threat as well as looking for the esoteric and arcane technologies left behind during the Dark Age of Technology by ancient humans or by unknown xeno lifeforms. Lord Arkhan … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Lord Inquisitor Arkhan of the Ordo Xenos (Lore)