Brood of the Risen Wyrm: Samarra Campaign: Predation

The war on Samarra continues. The devastating first blow landed by the cult has laid the Imperial defenders low for the count. In this moment of weakness the other predators on Samarra are drawn to the blood. Like ravening wolves dueling over the carcass of a badly wounded dear, the Cult of the Risen Wyrm … Continue reading Brood of the Risen Wyrm: Samarra Campaign: Predation


Warband: Hydraulic Fluid

Ul'Karash sits bored upon his wrought-iron throne at Kathos Citadel in the heart of his hunting grounds deep in the realm of Khorne. His eyes languidly drift over the legions of Bloodletters brawling in the arena laid out in front of him. Clicking his claws on the manchette of his seat to the beat of … Continue reading Warband: Hydraulic Fluid

Seer Council of Eos: Ancient Enemies (Part 2)

The forces of Craftworld Eos continue their assault on the Necron tomb at Morgon. Having intervened after the depletion of Imperial defenders the Aeldari warhost were able to strike at the Necron tomb world in its weakened state. Even with the assistance of the warrior phalanxes of the Klaxon dynasty, the Overlord Zaryx was not … Continue reading Seer Council of Eos: Ancient Enemies (Part 2)

Ordo Xenos: Subsector Isca

Conflict rages. The galaxy burns. The Imperium is sliced in twain, bleeding out from itsĀ  very heart. The Ultima Segmentum Inquisitional High Command petitions its equivalent in the neighboring Tempestus Segmentum for reinforcement. High Lord Inquisitor Gyrass Linvala calls upon several of his most trusted Inquisitors to lend assistance to the beleaguered Imperial forces of … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Subsector Isca

Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Conclusion (Lore)

Map Key: Chaos Forces are pinned in yellow Imperial Forces are pinned in white The various Xenos Forces are pinned in green Spilling from their slaughtering grounds in Hab Block Beta, the Bloodbraided warband swarms through the Genatorium and into the Palace Grounds. In the following battle the Bloodbraided and Ul'Karash carve a path through … Continue reading Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Conclusion (Lore)

Warband: The Blood-soaked Sands of Kelaran III

The Bloodbraided are called to war by the Renegade Planetary Defense Forces of the Imperial world Kelaran III. In a series of ever more violent engagements the Renegades slash their defiance across the throats of their hated Imperial oppressors. Brother fights against brother as traitors throw off their guises and make their allegiance to the … Continue reading Warband: The Blood-soaked Sands of Kelaran III