Ordo Xenos: Vanguard Forces (Lore)

+++INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM: XXXXXXXXXX. DESIGNATED: IMPERATIVE+++ Interrogator Azor, you've been tasked with reconnaissance of the Mynthosian Subsector, to assist in this task you've been given command of Tech Priest Izmirian's Skitarii forces as well as your own personal operatives. For the remainder of our time in sector you've been given autonomy designated Sub-Inquisitor, you will … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Vanguard Forces (Lore)

Frostgrave: The Guild Charter

⊗By order of the Dwarven Freeguild Association and the Council of King Vorstansson this charter gives full legal and expeditionary rights to the newly reformed Runesmiths Guild. The first order of business of the Runesmith's Guild will be to establish Vorban Urgrim as the Guildmaster and designate the noble dwarven city of Highwall as the Guild's place … Continue reading Frostgrave: The Guild Charter

Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Defense of Kavir

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00001066-001/MYR LOCATION: IMPERIAL-CONTROLLED DESERT WORLD KAVIR SECTOR: MYNTHOSIAN RIFT SEGMENTUM: TEMPESTUS +++WARNING! WARNING! CHAOS INCURSION IMMINENT +++ Almost as soon as Lord Arkhan's forces began to explore the newly opened Mynthosian Rift the renegade Space Marines freed from their prison made their presence known by lashing out and raiding the nearest Imperial planet. … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Defense of Kavir

Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Seraph III

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00001065-001/MYR LOCATION: The Lost Shrine World Seraph III SECTOR: MYNTHOSIAN RIFT SEGMENTUM: TEMPESTUS +++THE FOLLOWING TRANSMISSION DETAILS RECONNAISSANCE REPORTS FROM FORCES DEPLOYED TO SERAPH III +++ ALL HAIL THE OMNISSIAH. Lord Arkhan, Sicaran Infiltrator Princeps Quark-73 Neuria reports that small bands of depraved renegade Space Marines in service to the Ruinous Powers … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Seraph III

Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign (Introduction)

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00001064-001/MYR LOCATION: Imperial Desert World Kavir SUBSECTOR: Sternmost System SECTOR: Mynthosian Rift SEGMENTUM: Tempestus +++The following transmission is for Lord Inquisitor Arkhan's eyes only, reader beware+++ Lord Inquisitor Arkhan, The warpstorms that have raged about the Mynthosian Rift region have finally begun to abate, revealing a sector once lost to the Imperium … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Mynthosian Rift Campaign (Introduction)

Ordo Xenos: Ashek II Training Exercise

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00000159-240/SWS LOCATION: HIVE WORLD ASHEK II SUBSECTOR: SABBAT WORLD'S SECTOR SEGMENTUM: PACIFICUS +++WHAT FOLLOWS ARE AN ACCOUNT OF THE TRAINING SESSION THAT OCCURRED ON THE HIVE WORLD ASHEK II+++ Background: As part of agreements in the wake of the Sabbat World's crusade the planet of Ashek II was to maintain a newly … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Ashek II Training Exercise

Ordo Xenos: Battle for Mazirin

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ INQ-REF 00000164-240/ZRW-3 LOCATION: MAZIRIN SUBSECTOR: ZENTHAN RIFT WORLDS SEGMENTUM: PACIFICUS +++WHAT FOLLOWS ARE AN ACCOUNT OF THE ENGAGEMENT THAT OCCURRED ON THE AGRIWORLD MAZIRIN+++ Background: Mazirin, a verdant world on the edges of Segmentum Pacificus has long been vital in the supplying of the defenders of the Cadian gate as well as a target … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Battle for Mazirin

Ordo Xenos: Magos IV

+++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION+++ Inq-Ref 00000164-241/MGS4 LOCATION: FORGE WORLD MAGOS IV SUBSECTOR: MAGOS SEGMENTUM: PACIFICUS +++What follows are an account of the engagement that occurred on Forgeworld Magos IV+++ Background: Adeptus Mechanicus forces based from the Forgeworld Magos IV discover an alien artifact dubbed 'the Magnifax' whilst mining under the surface of the planet. The artifact is … Continue reading Ordo Xenos: Magos IV